About us


What We Do

Zavkhan Trekking aims to provide an 'authentic', hands-on experience of Mongolia. We travel well off the tourist trail and into remote areas, so you will need to 'rough it' when necessary. There are no hotels with hot showers and flushing toilets, but we provide a level of service to look forward to after a hard day of riding.

We camp under the stars and cook over an open fire every night. But that doesn't mean you will be eating endless boiled mutton; our campfire cuisine extends to Thai curries, risottos and vegetarian meals. We always aim to get to a well-watered campsite at the end of each day, where you can wash and perhaps swim. Along the way there will be opportunities to fish, look for wildlife, meet the locals, or just relax and enjoy the view.

We will have a support vehicle with us while riding, (except when using pack animals) but while it finds its own way, we can be off following horse-only trails, meeting up for lunch or at the end of the day. The support vehicle allows a degree of comfort that is just not possible with packhorses, and makes sense for other reasons, which you can read about here.

Our 'non-itinerised' style of trip has proven a hit, getting away from the 'tomorrow we will go here and do this, the next day we go there and do that...'. Running trips this way offers great opportunity to experience the unexpected, and allows for plenty of input from you as a member of the group. It does make it more difficult for us, but we think the rewards are worth it!