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Our Riders

If you are wondering about the sort of people you might end up with on a ride, these questions should put your mind at ease.

What sort of people come on trips with Zavkhan Trekking?

Frances and a herd of camelsThat's a tricky question, since there is such a wide range of people. We get all sorts! The thing that most people have in common is a desire to experience authentic Mongolia, rather than something put on just for visitors. If the words 'cultural performance' make you cringe, then you should find yourself in good company with us.

"Best part of the trip was feeling I was in the real Mongolia, living and riding real horses with real Mongolian people, rather than in a tourist-Mongolia"  Sue, 2008.

Often our riders are people who might normally travel independently, or have done in the past, and have trouble with the idea of an organised tour. However to do more than just visit Mongolia's tourist hot-spots it makes sense to join a group of like-minded people when heading off the beaten track.

Have a read of the following questions regarding the demographics of our past riders. If you are still nervous about who you might end up with on a ride, ask us and we can tell you about the people who are already booked. You are very unlikely to find yourself the odd one out in terms of age, or riding experience – the 'worst' that can happen is that you might be the only guy amongst nine women!

What age group are your riders usually?

Hanna with Dondov and AdyaAs of 2014, our riders have ranged in age from 19 up to 70. One thing we have learnt over the years is that age really is irrelevant – the sort of people who wish to plunge in to the wilderness of Mongolia with us are always young at heart, no matter how old they are. Half of the people who have ridden with us so far have been under thirty, and half over thirty (that just indicates that it's not only for 'grey nomads' or gap year students).

70% of our riders are in their 20s to 40s, so that means another 30% are in their 50s or older. The main point is that you will not be the only granny amongst a group of grand kids!

Do you get many women on your trips?

70% of our riders are women. It does seem a pity that more guys haven't realised that horse riding is actually great fun. We do get couples, but often our riders join the group as a solo traveller, either because they prefer to travel with a group, or they have left a reluctant partner behind. In 2014 our Zavkhan Multi-trip is aimed at encouraging non-riding partners (ie blokes) to come to Mongolia, with not only horse riding, but also camel trekking and hiking.

How experienced are most riders?

Three quarters of people who join our trips are either experienced riders, or have at least been a rider in the past. The other twenty five percent recognise that the best way to see Mongolia is by horse (and in some areas the only way). In our experience everyone loves Mongolia, but if you are a rider you will really appreciate the fantastic horses and wonderful riding country.

What countries do your riders come from?

Stefanie, from the NetherlandsRoughly half our riders to date have come from the UK (that's where we started out), followed by the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and most other parts of Europe.

You may be surprised, but people do ask us if we take people from all countries. So yes, we accept people from anywhere.

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