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All things related to camping, including tents, toilets and washing.

What type of tents do we use?

Riverside campWe use hiking tents, shared by two people. You will not be required to share with someone of the opposite sex (unless by mutual consent). If you would prefer to have a tent to yourself, a single supplement ($300NZD) will apply. Our tents are very easy to put up, but there will always be someone to assist if necessary. If you have a favourite tent of your own, feel free to bring it along with you.

In the Altai we have our own ger, which makes a cosy place to retreat to on a cool night.

***UPDATE*** For the 2018 season we will be providing individual tents for those who would prefer not to share. The single supplement will no longer apply. Hotel accommodation will also be in private rooms, where possible.

What will the, err, 'facilities' be like?

Each time we stop and set up camp we dig a simple Asian-style squat toilet, with surround. During the day while riding there is always somewhere to wander off to for a bit of privacy. You might like to practice squatting at home to strengthen your legs (there is no need to go all the way).

Do you provide toilet paper?

OK, so this isn't a frequently asked question, but it has been asked. Of course we do! We aim to provide everything that you could possibly need on a wilderness camping trip – not least toilet paper!

Will there be the opportunity to wash (myself and my clothes too)?

Mongolia has a dry climate, so you won't be getting hot and sweaty as you do in places such as South East Asia, but we always camp by a water source, so there will be water for a wash, and plenty of firewood to heat it up a little. There are also opportunities to swim in the rivers and lakes if the weather is warm enough (there are no nasty creatures to worry about). On Zavkhan trips we ride to an old abandoned hot spa in the mountains, where there are lovely hot baths, filled from natural hot springs, so you are guaranteed to get a wash and a well-earned soak!

We provide washing bowls and soap powder to wash clothes if necessary.

Will there be rosters of chores and duties?

Perfect evening for sitting around the campfireNo, you will not be forced to work on our trips. However we find that it makes for a better trip if everyone pitches in when necessary. The wranglers are responsible for looking after the horses, but riders are more than welcome to assist and learn local techniques.  Sometimes we take along a cook, but often the trip leader will be in charge of meals, so a bit of help slicing and dicing is always welcome. Pitching of tents is the responsibility of the rider, but there will always be someone to help. Riders can help with camping activities such as gathering of firewood if they wish. We welcome your input when deciding on potential routes while riding.

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