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Why do we need a support vehicle?

The furgon as camera platformYou might be thinking that using a support vehicle, rather than pack horses, detracts from the idea of the trip as a true adventure. There are several reasons why we use a support vehicle. Leading a packhorse is no easy matter, even for an experienced rider (think what happens when it makes a sudden unscheduled pee stop…), and does slow things down considerably. The vehicle allows us to take more gear and better food (we’re adventurers not martyrs!), and is our backup in the event of an accident. Perhaps the best thing about it is that if you just want to rest for a day, you can travel with the driver as he stops and visits the families of his friends and relatives and partake of their legendary hospitality.

Sometimes we arrange to meet the vehicle for lunch, but usually we don't see them until we meet up at the end of the day. If you would like to try a trip with pack horses (and/or camels), see our Altai Expedition.

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Zavkhan Trekking was an incredibly authentic way to explore and travel in Mongolia, and any adventurer or horse person looking for new experience in a beautiful country would be lucky to experience this trip.

Emilie, from the US