Planning your


Getting there

Mongolia is not the easiest place to get to - a good thing some might say. Options are changing all the time and we will be adding more information to this page for the 2018 season. There are several international 'gateway cities', with all flights arriving into Ulaanbaatar (airport code ULN). Your first step should be to visit, or contact, a travel agent and see what they recommend. If you think you can do better by searching the internet, have a go. Good deals can sometimes be found (see links below). Also feel free to contact us for advice on getting to Mongolia.


Air China and MIAT (Mongolia's national airline) both fly to UB daily. Most of us can transit through Beijing visa-free with a connecting flight leaving in less than 72 hours - you can leave the airport for a quick overnight trip in to the city. Beijing is definitely worth visiting for a couple of days, so it's not a bad idea to plan a stop-over.


Aeroflot flies to UB several days a week. MIAT also has flights from Berlin, via Moscow, twice a week.


Korean Air has daily flights to UB from Seoul. This is a convenient route from the UK, and avoids potential hassles with Chinese visas. MIAT also has daily flights.


MIAT has flights from Tokyo and Osaka, several times per week.

By Train

 If you have the time, and a good sense of adventure, the train is a great way to arrive - eco-friendly too. The Trans-siberian is the classic train journey, a five-day ride departing from Moscow, crossing most of Russia and then down to UB. For a shorter, but still fascinating trip, take the train from Beijing up to UB. One-and-a-half days straight up through the middle of the Gobi desert. Tickets for trains can be difficult to find in summer, and are relatively expensive if bought from a western travel agency. For a great source of information, and places to buy tickets, try The Man in Seat Sixty-one.

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