Planning your



Obtaining a standard one-month single entry tourist visa to Mongolia is straightforward, and should not require an official invitation. We can help with any questions you might have, but most things you need to know can be found on your country’s Mongolian Consulate website.

It is important that you confirm the latest requirements, through your closest Mongolian Consulate. Please ask us if in doubt.

Some examples of where to apply:

UK: Mongolia's embassy in London

You must apply in person, or have an immediate family member do it for you. Alternatively you can use either of the embassy's two approved visa agencies:

Both agencies charge around 55-60GBP on top of the 40GBP visa fee.


New Zealand:

  • As of May 2018, NZ has a new Honarary Consul who can issue visas. Yay!

Points to note:

  • Duration - One month is standard, and an extension for an extra month can be obtained once you are in Mongolia. Anything more than that may or may not be possible (if you really want to stay longer than two months, let us know).
  • Entry/Exit - request an 'Entry & Exit' visa.
  • Validity - enter Mongolia within 90 days of obtaining the visa.
  • Supporting documentation - sometimes you may be asked to provide documents such as travel itinerary, hotel reservation, or contact details for a host organisation in Mongolia. We can help with that.


If you are coming through Russia or China, visa information can be found at
Russia's embassy in the UK
China's embassy in the UK
(If you are transiting through Moscow or Bejing, you may still need a visa).